By Cassandra - / Friday 14 October 2011 00:10 / United States
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  HeavyScout  |  0

OP was probably trapped by a giant, metal beast. Then, her mother approached with the cursed sharpie and drew circles just above OP's breasts, thus forbidding her from wearing low-cut shirts for all eternity.

  aruam365  |  24

That's quite extreme. However, my guess is that OP's clothing was very, very low cut and sheer and that her mom had spoken to her and she hadn't listened. OP, maybe at this age guys pay more attention to girls who dress like that. But, it's unlikely you'll meet a nice guy who will treat you well by dressing like you're easy.

  fuckyalol  |  0

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  macdaddymady  |  8

I would kill my mom if she tried to do this to me. I know when skin is too much skin but if she's doesn't like what you wear she shouldn't buy them in the first place.

  rexgar2000  |  10

cum shot!!! get it? lol too far I know.

By  jackrileymac  |  4

Your a heavy sleeper....

  EelJumpsRope  |  0

53- Oh, right. I'd like you to read us the sentence where she stated she was awake because I sure as hell didn't read that.

  Sierz  |  0

Read it again, read it about 10 more times if you are that stupid. Especially since "my mom said..." think about it, if she was asleep how the hell would she know what her mom said. You fail, use some common sense

  Sierz  |  0

If the FML was written a different way then I'd be possible, bit I'm sure if she was sleeping, she would mention it, being quite an important detail.

By  thaCODgod  |  4

you let her draw circles around your tits??

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I agree. However, we don't know how high above her breast the circle was... There is such a thing as going too far, and maybe the girl doesn't wear stuff that low cut anyway but her mother is a little... paranoid?
Just saying, it's a possibility.

By  tripwik  |  7

Get old enough to move out and you wont have to worry about your mom not wanting you to look slutty. Or she is just really really conservative and in that case yeah your life sucks!

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