By worst - / Monday 12 October 2009 08:23 / Philippines
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Just knock her out and start ur own underground organization that makes pizza.....everyone loves pizza!!!


an IQ of 130 isn't that great. Maybe your siblings are smarter. Also, I'd bet you annoy her like crazy to make her say that.

By  WowYouFailAtLife  |  0

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By  Jizzylol  |  0

YDI for mentioning IQ on the internet

  timtam24  |  0

i think it's impressive

By  Bannister19  |  0

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  timtam24  |  0

haha you thumbed up your comment didn't you.

no, not really


Religion is an opiate to the masses. So no, being smart, and generally a good kid, is MUCH more important than having blind faith in something that probably doesn't exist. Sorry to burst your bubble.
I have no problem with religion, it's just when people force it down your throat, like those damned Jehovas witnesses.

By  eeekimjack  |  0

FYL for having a religious family.

By  Allymeme  |  3

Maybe it's because you think you're better than everyone.

By  ajlardner  |  0

YDI for having parents

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