By ur_life_dus_suck / Thursday 21 January 2016 13:08 / United States - Wayne
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By  Dilexar  |  26

I suppose it depends on the alcohol content of the beer. I don't consider 5-10% drinking, really. That's tradition. Now, if she had multiple beers, then that would be considered a relapse in my book. But hey, who doesn't love a good beer or two w/ a buddy?

  Dilexar  |  26

Okay, I see your point, but wouldn't her boyfriend stop her after one? I figured that was assumed, that he wouldn't let her fall into a full blown relapse.

  tlnorman  |  18

You have no clue what alcoholism is. And no the boyfriend shouldn't be stopping her she shouldn't be drinking alcohol period. Sobriety means NO ALCOHOL, it doesn't mean have one odd beer now and then. They're alcoholics because one is not enough and they can't control their drinking. Do some research before speaking on issues you know nothing about.


Actually, that's not entirely true. The whole 'alcoholics can never touch alcohol again or they'll relapse' thing is mainly based on the philosophy of 12-step-programs - which are religious programs, not scientific ones (and have been highly criticized in recent years). Nowadays, psychology and medicine have a more varied approach to the question if alcoholics can ever drink moderately again - apparently it depends on your level of addiction, the length of time you were addicted for, the reasons for your drinking and, of course, the individual themselves. Celebrating sobriety with a drink may not be the best idea OP's mother ever had, but yes, it's actually possible that she could stop after just one drink.

  Seabass_Chan  |  33

Psychology IS science. It's the scientific study of the human mind, it's functions, and how it affects our behaviour. The prefix in words like it come from Ancient Greek and Latin origins, meaning the study, or "science" of the word before it (I.e. theology, geology, etc).

By  diego92  |  13

What were you expecting? A toast with water?

By  Moskaaa7  |  26

I don't think you realise how hard it is to overcome an addiction. Relapses are to be expected, but you can try to keep her motivated to stop drinking by never giving up on her. It's a lot to ask for, though.

  snarkytruth  |  37

The 0P may not of needed the first sentence but I think a whole lot of the more flippant commenter's need to hear it.
I don't think they do realize how easy it is to slide back down. And hard as hell to climb back up.

Well said #9

  tlnorman  |  18

Yes and unfortunately addicts are generally extremely self people who will sacrifice those closest to them for their next high. Sometimes you have to give up and let them go because their addiction is ruining your life and taking away your ability to live and be happy. Many people don't understand how exhausting it is dealing with addicts. They literally suck the life out of you.

By  iamdorkette  |  12

well, did she get drunk? having a beer is not the same as getting wasted, and celebrating sobriety in moderation doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me?

  Schmavid64  |  13

For an alcoholic one drink is too much. It is an addiction and many relapse with just one drink. If you ever hear former alcoholics talk they often say that that they can never drink again.


Oh yeah, and a former meth addict should be able to celebrate with just a little meth; not enough to actually feel the effects of meth, just a moderate amount. Sounds great. Even the smallest amount of alcohol is too much for a recovering alcoholic, because it could send them spiraling down into the same path they were on before.

  tlnorman  |  18

That's because you know nothing about addiction or alcoholism as evidenced by your ridiculous comment. Maybe do some research on the topic and educate yourself before you spout off comments that make you look like an total idiot.

  interesting33  |  34

#49, I don't think #14 meant to upset anyone and I think your comment is a bit harsh. They are asking a valid question, (I'm assuming it is a statement meant as a question due to the question mark) yes they don't seem to know much about alcoholism but a lot of people don't. They just don't understand why it is an fml or a big deal but they aren't mocking OP for being worried, they are stating that they don't understand so others can educate them :)

  tlnorman  |  18

Come on don't placate idiots. Every intelligent person knows when you're an addict you can't control yourself and therefore have to abstain from that substance all together.

This commenter watches tv, and presumably went to school? They should understand it's not that difficult. My comment may be harsh to YOU but news flash sweety so is life and walking around with your mentality of lets hold everyone's hand and baby them in this day and age, is why there are so many undisciplined, self absorbed psychos.

There is no excuse for this level of ignorance, not in 2016 and not in adult hood. Addiction and alcoholism has been around for eons time to put the remote control down and READ.

  crazycly  |  7

Meth and alcohol are 2 very different substances. Not really in the same league. And before you give me addiction is addiction. The ratio of junkies to occasional users is exponentially higher than that of alcoholics and social drinkers.

  Timmip12  |  9

Excuse me, #70, before you go around telling everyone how they should have a PhD in alcoholism and how they are ignorant if they don't. It seems that to many people who don't know the perspective of a recovering addict, having a beer or two in moderation could be a celebration of OPs mother's newfound self control. Not everyone has had experience with a recovering addict/alcoholic, so don't expect them to fully understand the dangers one drink pose. It's the real world now, sweetie, and you are going to have to step out of your ignorant bubble to fully understand that there are other perspectives out there besides your own, and other people not sharing your views does not make them ignorant or stupid.

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