By tokinallday / Friday 2 January 2015 19:23 / United States - Kingsport
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  davisjenny81  |  30

Yeah. I'm fifteen and My mom won't let me go anywhere without an adult with my friends. Not the mall, not the park that's literally a block away not even just to their houses. Basically I'm treated like a six year old in a teenage body

  desoxyn242  |  14

That sucks dude. My friends and I never took that shit as kids. We called our parents a bitch, we never gave a fuck.

  Mynamewontfi  |  40

Wow 19, Aren't you a tough boy for calling your parents a bitch.

Anyway, @14 it's nice to know that your parents care so much about you, but they are taking being protective way too far.

  Kielnmsoftly  |  26

I remember my freshman year of Highschool I went to the first home football game. When I got home, my dad sniffed (like I swear he turned into a breathalizer) me and made me look him in the eyes and say I didn't do drugs. I've never done drugs in my entire life.

By  BntyHntrSeattle  |  30

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By  thonyan  |  5

Take a bunch of green leaves, and leave them to dry. Then crush them, and put them in little bags. Hide them in your parent's room and listen to their argument.

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