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What?? Why is it stupid? My mum and step-dad are getting married, and if I could afford to help out financially I'd be more than happy to. Or would you expect OP to know they were going to divorce after 2 weeks?


You know, even though you say no offense, doesn't mean it won't be taken as offensive. Just saying.

doubt they did it for the gifts, considering someone is going to end up losing money in the divorce. it would have been cheaper to not get married

@#3 I'm pretty sure there was something along those lines. People don't HAVE to split everything in a divorce. Do you live in a hole? Humans are greedy, why else would someone use their kid's money for a two-week marriage?

@5 no duh they dont have to split everything...someone would end up taking more than they should..which means someone is going to lose out

#3-7, every divorce is different, you don't know the family in this case, you don't know each other in this case. Case closed?

Why would you even pay for any of their wedding. You are stupid, they're adults, if they couldn't pay for it themselves then they should have had a smaller wedding.

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