By Anonymous - / Wednesday 7 October 2015 10:58 / United States - Poughkeepsie
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  nix1993  |  37

When I was 16 my parents were taking our family on a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando because I got such good GCSE results. My older sister was so pissed off that we were 'forcing' her to leave her friends and boyfriend behind (i.e. my parents didn't trust her with the house alone) for a whole 2 weeks of a 6 week holiday that she packed about 3 battery operated alarm clocks in her suitcase, all set to go off at the same time. Long story short, we were put on the no-fly list and i've still never been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

  countryb_cth  |  38

@17 To bad they couldn't just detain your sister and let the rest of your family enjoy your holiday. Honestly that is such a bitch move and I really hope she was punished for acting like such a spoiled brat. No wonder your parents didn't trust her.

  nix1993  |  37

The Americans can be a bit touchy with their no-fly list, as soon as they knew who's suitcase it was all four of us were hauled away from our gate and told we had been put on the list for the foreseeable future and that we would have to contact the airport to have our luggage returned. My dad's a big angry Scottish bloke (and actually a former customs officer, so he knew something was up), and it was only when he was on the verge of exploding at one of the security guys that the little bitch admitted what she'd done, because 'she thought it would be a laugh'. By the time our holiday should have finished he'd sold her phone, iPod, laptop and car and bought me the Mac he'd told me he would never pay for with the proceeds. Turned out to be an ok couple of weeks.

By  Smurphy121  |  23

Well maybe next time help her pack just to make sure everything goes well.

  stingray112  |  24

Well she prob learned her lesson and I doubt it will happen again. I've always hated when I forget to unpack liquid of some kind and I have to get checked it bugs the crap out of me

  godzilllla  |  12

I honestly don't know why this comment got downvoted. It simply has advice. Nothing negative towards OP, no vulgarity, just advice. Go ahead and downvote me as much as you want, but I'm just saying.

  bcalle  |  8

I'm sure op didn't know her mother packed all of that but it also seems like they were in a rush/running late if some questioning caused them to miss their flight. I know when I'm running late i don't listen for those announcements. Maybe her mom was flying for the first time? I don't know

  One_Way  |  43

Even when I've forgotten and put something like that in my carry-on, I've always had the chance to send it with my checked bags. Having it confiscated seems like the last option.

  radiocaf  |  29

I don't think the airline has a duty of care to do that, it's the passenger's responsibility to ensure they make it to their flight and through security on time, this could be put down to the passenger's fault in the airline's eyes because they expect you to check what you can fly with and can't. I hope they had insurance too.

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