By dude, where's my balls? :( - / Saturday 22 December 2012 20:25 / United States - Anchorage
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By  olpally  |  32

Well, merry Christmas, I guess. Lol.

By  seandoc  |  13

Your mom ruined Christmas! FYL, OP!

By  DinosaurTacoTime  |  18

That's why I always leave when stuff is being paid for by someone else. I don't want the embarrassment of not having enough. That, and I don't want to have to help pay.

  fylx100  |  19

7, you're an asshole. If your mother needed help to buy groceries and you had money, you just walk away because you don't want to help pay? Greedy bastard. You were taken care of for 18yr. If you did not want to pay for your own presents then, hmmm idk, buy them if you can and return them later and get your money back so your mother doesn't have to be so embarrassed.

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