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40 - Janitor, Maid, Slave, Housekeeper. Looks like we already get a few jobs for this. Looks like the unemployed OCD kids of America are to stay unemployed for now.


I have OCD and I get super pissed when someone changes things in my room or house also if something I write on a piece if paper aggravates me I have to erase it like literally 10 times

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No, there's OCB which is Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior which is mild form of OCD, the Disorder. I have CDO -- it's the same as OCD, except in proper alphabetical order like it needs to be.


#38 I used to have faith in humanity, but then their behavior would confuse and upset me. Now that I look at everyone as a money-grubbing fucknut, I can often successfully predict what people will do.

What's wrong? It's Good to keep the house neat and tidy. And it's just the dishes. If you always keep it neat and order, there wouldn't be much work everytime u do it.

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