By screwed / Saturday 18 June 2011 08:51 / United States
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  ThanksKarma  |  0

How is this an FML? With the way people choose to "peace out" of a relationship so easily it's not like it's a surprise. That person is still qualified to help you get through what you're dealing with. Ask him/her for some Valium because you're trippin'.

  breathemein  |  10

how do you know it's a HE?

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

That's unfair. No one is perfect and sometimes, divorce is the best option. Counseling doesn't give you a perfect marriage; it helps two people who both want a better marriage to communicate better. It's possible the counselor's spouse wanted out.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@116 exactly. anyone worth listening to wont tell you to stay in a relationship that isnt working. if youve tried to make things work and it just doesnt happen then theres nothing shameful or wrong about divorcing. do people think that after seeing a counselor youre guaranteed to stay together? its not that black and white...

  netherflame  |  0

One day, while the marriage counselor of unknown sex was just minding their own business their partner suddenly JUMPED ON THEM WITH A FORK AND ATTEMPTED TO STAB THEIR EYES OUT.

Instant divorce - not the marriage councelor's fault.

Suddenly this FML became a bit more complicated.

  breathemein  |  10

how do you know it's a HE

  itsmeyippie  |  0

fail 106, can't stop the c-c-combo, but the point is the marriage counselor helps OP with their marriage, yet the counselors marriage ended meaning the advice is probably wrong

it's more fbyl, fuck both you lives

By  klong91  |  7

At least it wasn't you! But still each marriage is different and their divorce might have been caused things that could not be fixed so don't feel too bad yet.

By  Livinia  |  11

Just because she's a marriage counselor, doesn't mean she's not allowed to get a divorce. I know it's ironic and all, but who knows what problems she had in her marriage.

  LOLbomb  |  1

But the irony is that a marriage counselor specializes in keeping a relationship from splitting apart. If he/she can't even fix his/her own marriage, then how do you expect him/her to fix the OP's marriage?


Yes but even a marriage counselor will tell you if you can't fix your relationship. Maybe the counselor's spouse was cheating on him/her or started being abusive. Those are totally legit reasons for a divorce. Those are things no amount of counseling will ever fix.

  styphon  |  5

it does apply to college professors, depending on subject. if a music, art, or business teacher knew so much, shouldn't they be off "doing" and making millions?

  Octwo  |  16

81, not everyone makes millions off their work. The teachers at my college WERE selling their skills at the same time (music/art/etc). You imply there is no fulfillment in teaching, which is ignorant. Some people actually enjoy teaching, you don't have to be a failure in your chosen field to do so.

  daisyloo  |  7

26, just because he/she is a marriage counselor doesn't mean they may have the best marriage. Their spouse could be impossible to live with, you never know. Or maybe they are a bad counselor, we don't know. Don't critisize:)

  Flutist  |  3

^Ironic since you criticized too. :)

People don't have to make millions to be successful. You could be the most brilliant artist in the world but feel that keeping the paintings instead of selling them is worth more to you. You could be a brilliant mathematician, scientist, physicist and not like working at NASA or curing cancer.

You might just enjoy teaching kids to love something you love. It might not be the councilors fault that her marriage failed, advice on how things should work and actually doing them are often hard.

There are nutritionists who are brilliant at their work, know all their shit and are obese. It has nothing to do with their skills or knowledge, instead with problems they might have outside of their work.

  hotdogcore  |  9

@26 - Marriage counselors are for helping couples decide the best course of action for their relationship. Sometimes divorce is the best thing for a couple.

They help you work through your options and discuss issues until they are either resolved, or it is decided that the issue (or issues) cannot be resolved.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@81 i intend to spend the latter years of my career teaching students and helping to build new foundations in my industry. not everyone plans to make "millions" with their career. id be much happier making enough to get me by while making an impact on the community.
just because money is all you care about it doesnt mean that applies to the rest of us

@102 i understand your logic, but personally i would have a hard time believing in a nutritionist who is obese. overweight, yes. obese, no.

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