By MegahnDN / Friday 11 June 2010 14:33 / United States
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  VvCJHvV  |  6

It may not be the food, if it's a brand new kitten, then they tend to when they are spayed, not sure if it's the same for nuetered cats though.

  Trickyklown  |  0

You could have kicked the kitteh as it ran past you lol but then you would have to clean poo and blood but that is one less cat in the world! 

  terror_twins  |  0

I think we should just kill #37 for being annoying. See how that goes. I mean if they think it's okay to kill an animal for a natural bodily function, they should be able to be treated the same way. You buy a pet, you need to be able to accept responsibility that is required to take care of it. You don't just kill it.

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