By Anonymous - / Saturday 9 August 2014 13:31 / United States - Akron
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Shame on you OP!! DO NOT JOKE ABOUT CALL OF DUTY!! *she says in a sarcastic tone! But I do actually play COD, it's amazing

  JBChristian  |  46

Shame on you, you lazy ass. It's very disrespectful to even attempt getting a discount that is meant for our men and women that risk their lives for us, without yet defending a dumb twat that actually had the audacity to try to do so.


I actually come from a family of veterans and know the system very well. It's awesome that any family member can get a military ID but I personally believe that the benefits should focus more on the people that have actually served.

  JonDG  |  12

@119 I take it you have some sort of mental handicap so I will give you the benifit of the doubt. However, all of the games you listed are Call of Duty games....


That what?
...that question?
...that Ship?
...that flag?

By  Gweedo65  |  16

We gotta badass over here!

By  Saicere  |  15

Disinherit him while there's still time.

  feven  |  32

Disinherit him? I dont think he should. The son seems to be veryy smart with money.

By  PoptartsKid  |  13

I hate it when there are so few comments it gives mine a chance to stand out but I can't come up with anything creative. Just thought if share that with you guys, back to doing nothing with my life.

By  ImRJ  |  7

I thought it counts

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