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Are you kidding? A severe allergy in this case could ultimately lead to their throat closing as a result of breathing in excessive fumes containing the oil causing dead by suffocation.


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all animals are IMMUNE to poison ivy/oak/sumac. The reaction is caused by a chemical named orushiol (it's also used in the Japanese art form Kintsugi I learned that the hard way by having a reaction to it) tho if an animal gets it on their fur/scales/skin they can transfer it to humans via touch

One of my arsehole roommates cooks/burns things that I'm allergic to and stinks up most of the house several times a month and doesn't give any fucks. I've had to leave in the middle of the night after my throat's swollen so terribly I can barely breathe through it. So I can empathize with that pain OP, good luck plotting your revenge.

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