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Today, my husband used the vacuum cleaner. Proud of him for this first-ever initiative, I congratulated him. His second initiative was to stick the nozzle on my ass, yelling, "Liposuction!" FML

By chassezlenaturel - / Tuesday 24 March 2015 12:58 / Belgium
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By  Allnightampm  |  18

Sometimes guys are just gonna be complete dumbasses

  aubamas  |  20

That's a spoiler of an episode from nip/tuck


Worst excuse I've ever heard.

  sunnyskys  |  23

one high powered machine lol

  otaku2530  |  11

Doesn't really work with a vacuum but life your life

  Garagedwella  |  26

I think your missing the point of what poster 2 was implying.

By  sunnyskys  |  23

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  sunnyskys  |  23

never said she was a bitch or that never does any work or anything, and some people are just to serious, I'm just saying that your able to mess around with people it would be hilarious if she turned around and used the vaccum on him, (play full messing) if she through a bitch fit then then she should cool her tits.

  codytallica  |  38

Lighten up! lol. I'm sure it was a joke!

  MrConcise  |  34

I remember a sketch some comedy group did, can't remember who, about a vacuum store that got customers trying to discreetly figure out which vacuum would give the best blowjob.


Today, I was talking to myself in the bathroom to remind myself of what chores I need to do. My husband overheard me and is now convinced that I was on the phone with someone. No amount of proof, logic or reasoning can convince him that I'm not cheating on him. FML

By ardea_alba - / Friday 1 January 2016 20:27 / Russian Federation - Yekaterinburg

Today, while I was peacefully sleeping, I felt a hand suddenly slap my forehead. Then fingers began to press against my mouth, then nose, then eyes. I finally woke up to my girlfriend laughing hysterically. She'd confused me with her clock-radio. FML

By Vitriol - / Sunday 15 January 2012 18:14 / France
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