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actually there have been new findings that say women can use stem cells found in their bone marrow to get pregnant. so men serve no purpose at all anymore (joking)


I'm curious as to what kind of babies doing that would yield. I would assume it would be something similar to having incest babies


two different women's eggs are used. however, since all eggs are X chromosomes, it will always produce a female


Women (and men) can use the bone marrow to fertilize an egg but someone else's bone marrow is used rather than their own. If a person were to use their own bone marrow to fertilize an egg it would be a clone.

That was rude. A woman's orgasm is highly important. It makes sex pleasurable for women and creates a want to keep having sex thus causing reproduction and the continuation of the species. So he was incorrect.


there was also a recent study done and they found that female orgasms could stimulate ovulation, meaning, reproduction.

Tell him he's totally right, and that you two should start having sex only when it's serving its real purpose which is getting pregnant to make a baby.

Make him horny as hell then before he cums just leave him high and dry and tell him that you don't want a baby so no point in him having orgasm.

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