By okaydisarray - / Saturday 4 July 2015 02:31 / United States - Dayton
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  achoo123  |  13

Old people have needs too lol

By  _Reign_  |  15

That's disgusting. But I guess at old age, some elders don't really care anymore.


old people still have urges too..


#75 yeah they have urges too (my mom worked in a nursing home for like 35 years, I've heard all the stories there are to hear lol) but that doesn't make it right for him to do as a guest in someone else's house, and even less so in his niece's bed. That leads to the question of why he was aroused in his niece's bed - totally innocent and mood just struck him? Or something more heinous? I still agree with the commenter that said maybe it's time for him to go... Edit - I guess it's grandniece, technically

By  razoray9  |  21

Did it happen to be the "master" bed room

  ShowMeKay  |  20

No, he was just master of his domain lol

  Ava_Darkflame  |  26

I don't have a creepy uncle, but I have a crazy uncle. He chased my god mother with a machete once.

By  rockwrench  |  18

At least he "Came" to visit.

By  milehigh52  |  22

I'm kind of happy for him. The old man can still get it up at 70 years old. That's pretty impressive.

  wtffml1979  |  22

Yeah, great, he can get it up. But in a little girls room? There's such a thing as Respect... That's quite disgusting to even think about. He'd been gone without hesitation. No tolerance here.

  wtffml1979  |  22

Oh I didn't even think of that. Geez that really could be the truth. In that case, spank on? Wether 2 or 24, still doesn't make it ok and still gotta go. Creepy either way. No matter the age I'm not ok with anyone jacking off in her bed or room.

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