By Cracky / Tuesday 27 November 2012 14:32 / United States - Baltimore
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By  perdix  |  29

What a pain in the ass!

  Pleonasm  |  31

You can't compare two different types of humour, it's not the same type of style of pun. Even if they were comparable you'll find that since, what, '09, perdix has put out jokes and plays on words that are on a different league.

  iOceanus  |  18

29) You don't have to think I'm funny because I think I'm funny, and if others think I'm funny, that's a bonus, if not, then that's okay.

  loloalltheway  |  23

I have to say I don't really understand what you say in some of your comments but I thumb them up anyways because I know you try really hard to make them funny :) and often they are :)

  StalkerChick  |  13

2 Chainz is the most ignorant bastard out there. But I still love him ^_^ truuuuuu

  jessimica642  |  8

Seriously I don't understand why people think punctuation is so important in FML comments. You can still read what there saying it's not like they are writing an assay or article. The same goes for spelling errors I've seen people write funny/good comments with one silly mistake and that's all people can focus on. Why is there so much negativity on here instead of pointing out mistakes people made writing out there comments enjoy the joke or whatever or move on.


^ The rules say 'TXT language is forbidden'.

Not frowned upon, FORBIDDEN. Besides, nobody wants to read a comment that looks like a semi-literate four year old wrote it.

To quote another commenter, 'get literate or get the fuck out'.

  jessimica642  |  8

I didn't say anything about text lingo because yeah that's super annoying. But having a few little mistakes really shouldn't matter for the comments on here and yeah 50 I couldn't spell to save my life if it wasn't for spell check I'd be lost. There are lots of people like that, doesn't make us illiterate. Obviously you can read what I'm writing now so what's the big deal? I'm not saying its ok to be sloppy with your comments just that if someone's made a small mistake give them a break because really it doesn't matter.


I agree that minor grammatical errors are fine as long as the rest is coherent. People make mistakes, we're all human.

But if it's something stupidly simple like mixing up your and you're, or their, there and they're, I feel it SHOULD be pointed out, not necessarily to ridicule the commenter (provided they're not being douche bags themselves), but to educate them so they know for next time.

In terms of the text lingo, it may not have been what you were referring to, but it's what the original commenter was using, and has used before. So it still applies.

  Pleonasm  |  31

Ok, I'll admit I'm being a little harsh, however it does grate on your nerves after so many users abusing this site's rules.
As MITM said, it's necessary to correct truly bad mistakes; people learn from it anyway.
And blatant text speech abusers or horrible writers should be put in their place.

By  thinis33  |  6

Oh geez that made my ass cheek ache!!!!! Kick him in the balls and call it even

By  poetrywriter12  |  6

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