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Today, my husband jolted in bed and while still half-asleep said, "I had a nightmare; I dreamt we had a kid." I'm 8 months pregnant. FML

By mamagelmane - / Friday 8 August 2014 04:27 / France - Vervezelle
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  CrassKal  |  27

I'm aware I'm treadjacking, sorry. It is most likely just a stress dream. I get them all the time related to school, the mind imagines the worst case scenario regardless of how unlikely it is. I doubt he is afraid of having children, he is more afraid of the potential for disaster. If you are concerned, it might be best to try and discuss his concerns and levitate them. They could be anything ranging from the health of the child to his capability as a parent. Good luck and congrats on the baby.

  more4me  |  27

Inception :)

By  tiger8255  |  13

Maybe he dreamt you had a kid who summoned satan?


Stress can be a big part. My father said he never wanted a son because he thought he wouldn't be a good father for him. Luckily for him, it's just my sister and I. Pregnancies are stressful for the mother as well as the father (or however a family may work for someone).

By  Corvo_Attano_4  |  12

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Are you really that intellectually challenged? Is there a hint of sarcasm I'm not sensing?

By  cailey1234567890  |  24

Well. Thats awkward.
Hopefully in his dream your kid was some evil monster. That had demon eyes. And um.
He meant to say that "we had a kid that was a monster"
But fell back asleep before he finished his sentence.
Thats pretty much my only good theory.

By  XBurytheCastleX  |  25

Well, does he know or have you been telling him that you are getting fat?


Oh no, I have displeased the gods of thumbing down. Now my comment will surely drown, even though there are going to be many comments that are worse than mine.


Don't worry, the gods of thumbing down are fair and will not work in mysterious ways. They will make sure to give just as many thumbs down to comments that are just as crappy or crappier than yours.

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