By Scarlett / Tuesday 26 April 2011 17:28 / United States
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masterbate dumbass FAIL

  Person000  |  0

see what we have here, is typical douche. Notice his online picture is him showing his abs and his comments are all annoying and just trying to put people down. 148 is a real douche

  MissFukMyLuck  |  0

148 is probably 14 and though he is proud of his 'abs' probably dosent realize they look very underdeveloped.... please don't grow up a dick. we really don't need any more around :(

By  diabian  |  9

that sounds like a movie I once "mistakenly" rented in a hotel... it ended with a threesome!!


Today, I finally brought a girl home from college. While I was making her some coffee, my roommate came down in her underwear, pretended to be my girlfriend, and asked if we were having a threesome. My date left before I could explain, and my roommate thinks it's fucking hilarious. FML

By GimmeLaCoffee - / Thursday 15 May 2014 13:03 / United Kingdom - London
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