By shanti - / Sunday 16 February 2014 17:30 /
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By  olpally  |  42

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  thief1434  |  42

She even said that he didn't realize how distasteful his comment was, and that he was genuinely remorseful but saying "oh shit" was a bad choice of words.

By  saraitkddh  |  49

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By  thief1434  |  27

Gee, you really got PUNished for that. That aside, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefully you can explain what happened before you're excommunicated from the family!

  junkman6  |  54

We all end up dead and the griefs going to be there for a while, there's no need to force gloom and doom. A funeral should be to celebrate someone's life not obsess over the fact they died. Obviously it's different when you are coping with the death of a younger person but if someone lived to a ripe old age and saw their granddaughter get married I would think that's a pretty full life and should be celebrated. Just my personal feelings about it. I know that's not how a lot of people think.

By  shivamtrivedi  |  32

Well, everyone suffers brainfarts like that. Don't worry, hopefully everything will turn out all right. I honestly think that your family already hated you and your husband.

By  homesuckfucker  |  32

this doesn't sound real, but if it is, your husband should be met with a few day's dry spell, and an explanation offered to your family. who, in my opinion, need to have more trust and care in you. fyl, op.

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