By naughtyshirt - / Saturday 22 August 2009 09:29 / Australia
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By  gayfish_fml  |  0

I'm a motherfuckin gay fish.


Either this is the author of this article or this chick has copied it from here. I was just on ninemsn (news site) and I saw this article about slogans on shirts so I clicked it and yea:
This was today and everything


There are heaps of very tasteless children's tshirts out there.
That is quite tame compared to some.
I saw a baby with "Daddy Only Wanted A Blowjob" printed on it's clothes.
I think the kind of people who would buy that shit for their kids shouldn't be allowed to procreate in the first place.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I agree with #10.
I mean, those jokes are kind of funny, but you don't put them ON your kids. I'd hate to see a cute picture of myself as a baby, only to read the slogan on the shirt and notice that apparently my mom thinks I'm advertisement for her sex life.

By  sublime93  |  0

There was already an FML about a dad & daughter getting a shirt with a wacky saying on it making fun of their mom.
So stfu/gtfo.


Actually I think its at this place called 'Cotton On Kids'. Its wierd because I just saw an article on ninemsn after i signed out of my email... maybe this chick saw it and decided to make an fml out of it.

I swear this fml is copied from that. It even has that slogan in it.

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