By nirvana_mama157 / Monday 28 November 2011 12:51 / United States
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  happyhak  |  5

#53 - If that's the case, then why is she posting it as an FML? Oh, and improve your English, please. I had to read your comment at least 3 times to understand what you were saying.

  SuperKnuckels  |  6

Love how everyone see's the husband as an ass. maybe he's just questioning the relationship. people spill their hearts out for moments but you wont see it everyday for yeas on end.

  StopDropNRoll  |  11

I thought honesty was the beat trait a person could have? And if he's not happy then he deserves to have a happy life without having to fake happiness for the rest of his life. Time to move on.

  DjeePee  |  24

'maybe he's just questioning the relationship.'

But maybe it was a better idea if he didn't do it in such an incredible rude way. How can you ever fix your relationship if your partner has clearly stated that he doesn't love you? Alright, if he didn't love her anymore, he had to tell it, but he's just an ass for making her remember how much she loves him as a way to break up.

  herrobear  |  0

I'm not sure how everyone comes to the conclusion that he's an ass. He's bringing up a legitimate topic that needs to be discussed. He's not happy. They shouldn't be together.

  shutupYDI  |  4

I like you ^

  danbman95  |  0

Ur over reacting. She most definitely should not leave that would be utterly stupid! He was joking its called humor guys just think that way. He doesnt want to talk about his feelings.

  Subcontinent  |  14

If he was joking there's no need to leave, be upset and angry until he makes it up sure but not leave. If however he meant it, there's no point staying with someone who doesn't love you when clearly that isn't the level the relationship should be at

  evilplatypus  |  36

18 - that's what I was thinking. What if op is a satanic crack whore? I agree that her hubby's an ass, but we don't have nearly enough details to make an assessment of the op.

By  lilemmy55  |  10

Aweeh, you dont need him. Dump his ass :)

  slushpup9696  |  12

Yeah, that's how marriage works! One bad remark? Clearly grounds for divorce!

  danbman95  |  0

U are so stupid. He was joking! Its what guys do. We dont talk about our feelings. I cant even think of an insult that u would understand and still express your utter stupidity

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