By whathef???? / Saturday 13 February 2010 06:51 / Canada
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  Tkdxxxse  |  0

should have got the cop involved oooooo officer I ve been a very bad girl then your husband comes in and kills you both and eats your babys then poops on you remains before feeding it to hungry African kids :D


Role playing? Like this: *Begin scene* "Stop following me you creep." "I'm gunna get ya, and eat you pussy." "Someone help! CALL THE COPS!" "They can't help you now, I am Evil.. EVIIILLL.. Mhua ha ha ha ha!" *moment of wild, angry pretend rape* "You're disgusting. This is wrong. This is Rape." "It's not rape if like it." "Well I don't like it." "Wait-- what?.. If you don't like it, you know the code word is 'bananas', right?" *Enter cops*

By  depressedgamer  |  0

that's creepy and first! cuz I've never got to say it

  Enoch134  |  0

me either and I've bin first like 23 times ;) how is that creepy my ex use to dress up as a school girl and I just put my lettermen jacket on ahhhh good times i miss her :(

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