By Embarassedd - / Thursday 26 November 2009 05:01 / Canada
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Well we Canadian's love our booze :P If you're from Northern Ontario then really what do you expect? That's all we do up here is drink haha but on serious note that's really not cool......


Personally I am pretty sure that the other husbands weren't looking at you in a "weird way." They were looking at your husband in a "jealous way." They just wished they could do the same, but most men are too broken by their wives. Nothing wrong with the fact that you haven't broken your husband's spirit.


Legal age here is 19 unless you go to Quebec then its 18.....not sure how Americans do it....having to wait for 21 :P Pretty much everyone going off University/College is legal and if they aren't then they only have to wait a few months :P

um free booze, i so no problem with this. At least your husband is trying to save you money by getting wasted off another person's paycheck. You should be happy, especially in this recession. You should have gone with him, weddings are no fun unless you're buzzed!

Perhaps you and your friends have been all gushing and shit, talking about dresses and how lovely the bride looks ALL day. There is only so much of that a man can listen to before he has to self medicate.. Or perhaps he hates all your friends and their other halves. Hence he gets no respite from the other male company there. And having to put on a nice face all day and nod politely has taken it's toll. Hence the running to the bar. But then again it could just be his natural male reaction to free booze kicking in there. ;)

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