By daughter in law / Tuesday 8 November 2016 06:05 / United States
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  laytea  |  8

Agreed. Just act natural at Thanksgiving. She should know better than to enter someone's home without at least knocking/ringing the bell before letting herself in.

  coolmike699  |  23

To be fair, the FML doesn't say whether she had "prior consent" or not. She might come over all the time and not expect to need to knock. Sometimes things are no one's fault, just bad timing.

  mariri9206  |  31

3, or calling and giving you a heads up that they're coming over.

By  _Shake_n_Bake__  |  11

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By  Jenadpantano  |  7

That sucks, for sure. But on the other hand, if you have the kind of situation where your mother in law can let herself in (and that's normal for you), its your fault. If that's not a normal thing, then its her fault. Just act like nothing happened for Thanksgiving, sex is normal.

  RatedZeus77  |  3

I don't feel that even if its a normal thing that it's not her fault because it's not like you can prepare for that and I mean they were alone in their own house. Perhaps it should just be that the mother-in-law isn't the bad guy if it's normal.

By  RichardPencil  |  20

Greet her with "Happy Spanksgiving." Offer her some gravy, saying, "Your son made the gravy -- I love his gravy," Tell her she can have the wishbone, you already have the bone you wished for. Then, she'll give you two weeks notice before she comes over and she'll be in a hazmat suit.

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