By WTFwhywouldyoudothat / Monday 22 August 2011 22:10 / United Kingdom
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  Keyman1212  |  14

I would rather my things be stolen, then moved around.

  hippityhopp  |  1

That is very dumb because if that was the case every word you wrote or made would have to be in alphabetical order not just OCD...

  MareNostrum  |  0

Well...I believe Manson's followers did this in houses before they started murdering people. Looks like you're in the clear, but your famous neighbours better watch their backs.

By  marinus_fml  |  19

What the fuck. Who would break in and do that? I'm pretty sure you just have friends with humor who played a trick on you :)

+1 for your hilarious friends.

  marinus_fml  |  19

Receiving all the hate again. Good job, just thumb me down (y)

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