By Andrew - / Tuesday 23 August 2011 14:46 / United States
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  n_epic_fail  |  14

sounds like a very smart man.... so what's he plan on doing to end hunger? have a Twinkie give-a-way :) VOTE!!

  denvan  |  0

He has my vote

By  lovelife9  |  12

don't let him be president :)


Hehe I luv how I hav the same amout of thumbs as my # in the post. For some reason that makes me happy :)

By  phoebe333  |  2

FYL. That sucks. How olds your gramp. What did you say back? Lol images not pretty.

By  manda_rawrz  |  4

and then he'd watch while laughing his ass off as they kill each other. last one standing goes and assinates him.
cool story, brahh. tell it again.

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