By Anonymous - / Tuesday 2 August 2011 00:59 / United States
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  pwincessa23  |  1

most likely just because she knows what a word means doesn't mean she's gonna do it. obviously she doesn't care

  tylersign  |  11

Maybe she just thinks it's funny to play with their minds... is she accepting, or isn't she? The world may never know.

  xBangOut  |  4

it's nothing racist actually, if it was a black grandma and she wanted to keep her bloodlines "pure" then no one would call her racist of course. Nevertheless it's her will and she can do whatever she wants for whatever reasons she has, you chose to mix races, why complain about this like you deserve anything? Heh..

By  ElainaCutsYou  |  0

Granny's be a bitchin'. Jkay?

By  i_wuz_nver_here  |  31

O wow. I would've kicked the old bats ass and made her change it. Or maybe go the legal way... It seems like there might be a case against that along the lines of a hate crime or something. :/


Well yes because I guess there's no actual harm done but my point is that raceism is something recognized by the law as being unjust

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