By gleefan116 - / Saturday 28 August 2010 00:18 / United States
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  DocBastard  |  38

This isn't an FML for two simple reasons:

1) You have a girlfriend, despite your weight
2) Said girlfriend still wants to dance the horizontal mambo with you

So live it up, fat boy!

  LuCanO  |  0

# 45 You made me laugh so hard, I read that one too.

And who says girls can't cum huh? Yes she is a girl and yes she can cum if she is turned on enough.


Today, I got stuck in traffic when a shootout started somewhere behind. I lowered myself and suddenly a bullet punctured a hole in the rear screen. When I managed to get away, I called my wife in a panic. She didn't pick up so I sent her a text about what just happened. Her reply: "K". FML

By n3ov - / Tuesday 26 February 2013 04:33 / Pakistan - Islamabad
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