By hcflorence1 - / Saturday 4 June 2011 17:37 / Canada
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  CoconutMuffin  |  5

That sucks buddy! Maybe you should go out with the manager of a Dillards and say it's okay that you're sleeping with her because your girlfriend will get discounts on clothes. You'd only be helping your girlfriend ;).

  yak526  |  0

i would make some cheesy joke about the mechanic"check under the hood", "take
it for a test drive", "check the trunk", "check the oil" but i dont see how any of that applies here.

  jordanp17  |  3

sleep with someone. and then when your girlfriend asks why you did it say that other girl just slept with you so she could get a discount in whatever it is op does. that should put her in her place.

  sematariux  |  7

so do you =)

  JayBear14  |  11

35- pretty sure I don't, I'm in a very happy and comfortable relationship. OP on the other hand is with a girl who is loose a couple screws.. hope the mechanic can fix that.

  lovexbox  |  8

If you're going to fix a comment the least you could have done is spell correctly.

By  fairygirl88  |  5

hey, car repairs can be expensive. discounts are awesome

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