By Anonymous / Friday 28 August 2015 07:21 / United States - Philadelphia
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By  lexa1love  |  16

Well that is either very considerate or very suspicious.

  shemademedoit  |  20

fuck her, fuck her "ex" move on. but first if show up at the party and show him the picks muhahahaha. if you gotta fight then go ahead but a bitch will always be remembered

  bibble27  |  9

I think he is an ex.... But she wants him back. Looks like you've got a Cher Lloyd on your hands. *rimshot followed by crickets* yeah... I'll just show myself out.

  crandel  |  11

Agreed with #6. It sounds like she was invited and was bringing OP with her; otherwise the story makes no sense - how can you "find out" about a guest at your own party? She would have known they were both going from the start if it was her party 'cause she would have invited them both.

By  Exobadger  |  15

if you clicked ydi you're just a troll on this one.

  9a_1z  |  12

Maybe her ex gets violent or threatening when he has his feelings hurt. I know a few idiots who see meeting an ex's new boy/girlfriend as a perfectly valid opportunity to pick a fight. Maybe it's just self-preservation.

  leogachi  |  15

@103 Then she should have skipped the party, too.

  SneezyBear  |  27

The only other possible explanation I can think of is she has an extremely abusive ex who would get psycho violent upon seeing her with someone else, and she's afraid to talk about it. And it was a party she couldn't miss. Less likely though...

  Jakk100  |  20

I can imagine if that were the case, the girlfriend would have uninvited herself too, as a means of avoiding him. It'd be even less likely she'd want to go alone also!

  SneezyBear  |  27

#81 the only reason I posted that comment is because I recently read a book about a girl who'd been abused by her stepdad for over a decade, and because it had started since she was a kid she was so conditioned by fear that she never dared to even try to get away from him. He ended up raping her regularly even when she was married - she didn't put up a fight for years because she was still terrified of him. Her family on the other hand loved him and she never felt like she could avoid him, never tried to, never told anyone - not even her husband - until several years into her marriage. That's an extreme case, but I know women who have been in long, extremely abusive relationships could behave in similar ways. She is *probably* cheating, but I always like to play devil's advocate.

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