By FootinMouth - / Thursday 18 July 2013 21:48 / United States - Louisville
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  dramaelf  |  37

Admiral Ackbar?

  subwaysurfers  |  13

Why would she even want him to do that? It's like a rape scene.

  Sir_ND_Pity  |  35

2 - It was a trap of the most sinister kind,
One that could confuse OP's weak mind!
The only good side that I can see—
Oh wait, there is none. FYL, OP!
At least she didn't threaten you with a cleaver
And tried to make you play Justin Beiber!
One day, you'll have a chance to surpass
This performance that made you sound like an ass.
Until then, enjoy the rhymes of this poem.
Too early to think, so poem rhymes with poem.

Thank you :)

By  UnluckyGenius  |  21

Now, tell dr. Spongebob how do you think that made your girlfriend feel?

By  AGB10  |  19

Look on the bright side. Atleast you didn't tell her "well that's not roleplay"

By  Barriaultcory  |  16

Should've said "i can't even act like i don't want it, you're impossible to resist" but yours works to lol

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