By Keith walk / Saturday 12 February 2011 05:59 / United States
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  LifeSucksbtw  |  0

jizwold fuckers as ur self need to go to a mental hospital even saying that over the Internet probably means u are just really screwed up and need help good luck mofo


dude seriously shut up! back in the roman era living to be 30 was a miracle so obviously they are going to be having sex a lot sooner but they were MARRIED, true be it forced, still nonetheless they were married, I am 17, the average age of those having sex, and I'm still a virgin due to the fact kids my age and younger don't need to be having sex they are to young, 20 needs to be the average age of those who have sex, well loose their virginity.

  reneetlovesyou  |  30

Honestly, OP, YDI. If you guys don't have your own place to have sex, you probably shouldn't be doing it. And before I get jumped on for being called a downer, if they can't afford their own place (or are too young to have one), they definitely can't care for a child were something to happen.

By  ClaudiaTextsAlot  |  0

YDI for having sex with her

  jpest17  |  5

sex is best saved for marriage, so at least respect the house rules. I can't believe that girls at my school are surprised I'm a virgin, what has the world come to?

  R2KT  |  0

I agree with 66. you won't have that problem if you wait till you're with "the one". omg! I totally know what you mean! most of the people at my school are shocked when I tell them I'm still a virgin just cuz I've been with my bf for almost two years. it's insane

  DjeePee  |  24

'sex is best saved for marriage'

No. It's a personal choice, and 'the best personal choice' does not exist. It's different for everyone.

Oh, and about that 'what has the world become' shit, just read a history book. Or my comments.


Ok so this is probably just me being a perverted teenager but isn't it kinda funny how 69s comment was all about sex after marriage and her comment was #69, lol I love irony!

  DjeePee  |  24

If you're in love with someone, is it really important who the parents are? It may be awkward to fall in love with the daughter of your coach, your teacher, your principal...but that's not a major issue. And if they want to have sex with each other, let them, it's their choice.

The dad probably can't deal with his little princess growing up.

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