By Anon / Sunday 4 August 2013 05:36 / Australia - Perth
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By  squiggles159  |  5

hm well isn't that just yummy

By  ShadowWolfoxImp  |  18

that sucks. could have been worse. he could have the condom on you... in his daughter. you can try to laugh and joke now.

  Wizardo  |  33

#4 I'm pretty sure that was OP's intention before he lost the condom and his girlfriends dad has no business poking around in their personal lives, if OP is cool then dad should be cool.

  CaiDog  |  20

That's not the only thing that sucks! (chocolate flavored condom reference)


O_O I DID forget the word found... I just noticed that... That's also not the first time. I end up thinking faster than I type and even when I proofread... it looks perfectly correct... Sorry about that!

By  xXxJaGsTeRxXx  |  11

I guess he burst your bubble.

By  Steve95401  |  48

Don't plan on being able to use a condom again with his daughter anytime soon.

By  pdp_fml  |  21

Was her dad suspicious of you? Your lesson is never throw your used condoms under the couch! You never know who is going to find them.

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