By Anonymous - / Saturday 21 February 2015 14:20 / United Kingdom - Birmingham
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By  jarrettd  |  27

Guess all your laughter put a bad taste in her mouth. Eh? Well i tried

By  redraven88  |  16

Make her some soup and she'll forgive you.

  JennaNGood  |  21

34, I just had my wisdom teeth out a couple days ago, and I can tell you, soup would probably be appreciated. Not only is it irritating to chew food with your front teeth, but it's hard to open your mouth wide enough to eat it, because of the swelling.

  TheSpektyr  |  7

I read squirrel as squirtle. I then realized my mistake, and am now disappointed at my own nerdiness.

By  Z3R0G5  |  23

Learn to self control. YDI

By  tbro47  |  23

Some times you just have to suck it up and keep a straight face. Girls don't like to be laughed at for any reason. Learn that lesson then live it.

  tbro47  |  23

Sorry you're perfectly correct I'm not a girl, let me rephrase that. To be politically correct from my own experiences, some girls can be fairly sensitive to remarks or laughter at their expense when during a time when their appearance is out of the ordinary.

By  TomeDr  |  18

For heavens sake! Grow up!

  TomeDr  |  18

Laughter AT someone's misfortune? Not appropriate...EVER.

  TomeDr  |  18

Chuckling at something online is one thing, laughing at your hurt girlfriend is something different. He totally deserves to be in the doghouse.

  jazzy_123  |  20

my bf laughed at me when I got my wisdom teeth removed. My mouth was so numb, I kept trying to kiss him but my lips kept parting to the sides. I didn't care that he laughed. It just made me feel better.And my cheeks were huge too! Hell, I was laughing at my own misfortune. Lighten up people, geez.

By  Dick_diamond  |  22

Sounds like you need to grow up. Do what grown people have been doing for years and show some self control!!

  countryb_cth  |  38

Or if you want to be sweet tell her she is the cutest chipmunk you've ever seen. Hopefully she will see the humor and also think you're cute. But do this after she has taken pain killers.

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