By justgreat / Saturday 24 March 2012 02:30 / United States - Opa Locka
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  klol_fml  |  11

She must've had a headache.

By  ezelisko  |  1

she must have been drunk

By  Killafornia  |  1

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  yahoowizard  |  16

She didn't sleep the night before, drunk, drugs, got too tired, just bored, trolling on you, sugar crash, taking a break, etc. And in her dreams, you're eating her out


Today, my long-distance boyfriend arrived, took off my bra and told my boobs, "I missed you guys", then took off my panties and said, "Hey buddy" to my vagina before saying he missed me to my face. FML

By Hey_Buddy_ - / Thursday 11 June 2015 03:38 / United States - Jensen Beach
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