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Except for the whole getting dumped part. But who cares about that? Obviously that is just insult to the injury of getting stuck with a turtle..

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I think you should keep it because if you release it into the "wild" it won't survive and giving it away will be a waste of money. Besides, they're cute! :)

sheesh. you can't just take care of it? feed it once a day and clean the tank once a month? is that really that difficult?

leave the turtle on her door step #9 you should do your research before you post. Turtles are very difficult animals to take care of! theyre way harder than a cat or a puppy. so be quiet! yes it rally is that difficult! and u have to clean the tank more than once a month especially if u dont have the right filters. they need lights and large tanks and all kinds of care.


It's definitely not harder than a cat or dog! I have two turtles and you have yo clean the tank once a week but it takes five seconds. Other than that you just feed them once a day. Wayyy less work than my chihuahua or extremely needy cat.

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