By haqL - / Friday 15 November 2013 22:51 / Mexico - Quer?taro
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  Flowtastic  |  16

@61 while that may be true, a wake isn't a first date sort of thing so I'm assuming his girlfriend knows the family well enough to know what is and is not okay in their situations.

  iceroyalty1984  |  14

I'm just really glad I'm Irish! In all seriousness, though, this may have been a kind gesture on her part (it would certainly be welcome for many wakes) so before you get upset, consider the thought behind it. Also, very sorry for your loss!

  CaptMacLeod  |  45

I've been to more than one Irish wake in my day. Getting loose in memory of the times you had with those you lost. Though I tend to bring a bottle of whiskey over a 12-pack, all malt is good.

But OP is from Mexico; the wake is more of a viewing than a party. It's a somber occasion. So showing up with a 12'er is really tacky. FYL indeed.


It depends where you are from. I'm from New Zealand and to us a wake is a massive celebration of the persons life. We all sit around drinking, playing guitars and singing, and telling stories about the person. I'm pretty sure the Irish are similar too.

  addioty  |  19

Where I come from, wakes are celebrations of life, alcohol included (even though I'm not of the legal drinking age). Maybe OP's girlfriend thought this would be a celebration instead of a viewing. Either way, sorry for your loss OP.

  amisenho  |  11

Coming from the southeastern U.S., wakes are just as mournful as funerals. The wake I went to had dishes to pass and people asking if I had popped out any kids yet. That being said, wakes and funerals under the Bible Belt consist mainly of comparing each other's outfits, casseroles, and social status more than remembering the person who passed.

By  JustinKirby  |  20

Maybe you need a new girlfriend who can actually support you and do a better job at helping you in this great time of sorrow in your life. My condolences are with you, sorry for your loss

  katiemay007  |  6

She was supporting bringing beer was her way of saying "things happen for a reason so celebrate the wonderful life she had" personally my family got wasted at my granny's wake we all talked about how awesome she was and drinking helped deal with the pain she wasn't being insensitive at all

By  thebomb553  |  5

Not ok, not even for the after party.

  MatteKudasai  |  17

I don't know about inconsiderate. A 12 pack is plenty enough to go around between a few people.

In all seriousness though, sorry for your loss OP, and your girlfriend is rather inconsiderate.

By  gingaa96  |  18

She a ho, fa sho.

By  jackrreaper117  |  6

What's so wrong about it?


You know actual response instead of down votes would really be appreciated -___-

  Shrike  |  22

D'aww, the poor lil' troll isn't getting enough raging replies. There there. *pats through a hazmat suit*

  DocBastard  |  38

Careful about touching trolls, Shrike. Even with the hazmat suit, that stench will cling to you.

  BobbieH  |  19

Nothing is wrong with it by itself. It depends on the family. Your question is legitimate depending on your perspective. My ex's family always had booze at wakes. It's considered tradition in many families. Take a look at #20's comment. At that wake it was considered a good deed. The troll comments were a little harsh given a legitimate comment/question. I don't think you were just trying to start a comment war.


Faith in humanity slowly being restored, thank you very much. It was an honest question.... I'm Mexican and besides the stereotypes there is always alcohol at any gathering, which is why I didn't think anything was disrespectful... Thanks again

  amisenho  |  11

You can thank the teetotalers for seeing alcohol as "disrespectful" at serious social gatherings. It's more about the irresponsible things that irresponsible people do (fight, cause scenes, say inappropriate things, etc.) when they get completely wasted at events like these.

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