By anonymous / Tuesday 5 July 2011 04:32 / United States
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Op, you couldn't even wait till you got off work? You could have web done it in your car. No self control.

  KingGeorgeGal  |  12

I honestly don't know how this is a FML , I saw I in moderate and I voted no because it's just dumb. It's not like you got caught and you deserved it for not locking the cage.

By  MQ_was_here  |  0

YDI for various reasons but top one being why the janitor's closet? LUH-me.

  Mirorbo  |  26

jrmetz -- I have plenty of sense of adventure. My sense just doesn't require getting it on in public. I find it a lot more romantic in the bedroom, and a lot more comfortable. Then again, I'm not a horny teenager who thinks that they need a high score for banging.

  jrmetz  |  0

6- A.) Neither am I, far from being a teenager, much less a horny one... B.) I was half just messin with ya, so lighten the hell up; I honestly don't care where people choose to have sex ... C.) I'm not sure how sex in a janitors closet surrounded by salamanders is 'public'

By  DatDudeChrisR  |  2

YDI for nothing paying attention

  barlessprison  |  16

Yeah obviously he deserves it for committing such a blasphemous act. I mean what was he thinking by not being on the lookout for an army of salamanders while having sex??

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