By WorstMedicalBill - / Friday 20 November 2009 14:53 / United States
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Hopefully you have a normal relationship where you feel comfortable saying "I have to sneeze" at which point you can just lean next to her and quickly half-sneeze (you know, sort of holding it in with your tongue but letting most of the pressure out) and nothing bad happens. I can't imagine what position you'd be in where you can't aim away from her face.

This is hilarious. Had I been the girl I would've giggled after going EWWW!! But it would've been funny, nonetheless.

You know, you can turn away and use your upper arm/inner elbow for that sort of thing. I've done the same more than once.

Hahahahahaha YDI, and if that fucked up your life, I don't want to hear you cry when she queefs. Geez you're going to cut yourself now?


LOL Seriously! And imagine the tragedy if one of them happens to fart during sex. A healthy relationship, you can laugh these things off. After all you're only human :D

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