FML - The follow-up

Today, my friends made a little game out of my OCD. They like to purposely poke one of my arms so I immediately poke the other one. They think it's hilarious and now do it constantly. FML

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Wow, the range of comments had me laughing to making a disgusted face. Thanks to everyone who was supportive but no need to worry! I'll explain things further but this will be long. And to people saying "woah I do the same thing!", you most likely have OCD, but DO NOT SELF DIAGNOSE, ask your doctor about it before you prance around calling yourself mentally ill. For me, I've always done little sort of tensing my muscles and making both sides feel the same games with myself ever sinc
By danceinconverse / Friday 22 May 2015 20:11 / Canada - Toronto
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My friends did that to me at one point as well. They thought my reactions were hilarious, until I sat them down and told them how it made me feel and how my mind worked. Thankfully they understood and apologized, and if your friends don't do the same, you don't need them.

Next time, grab a light saber and poke them in the eye. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but you should never take advantage of someone's OCD. that's just fucking rude.

I'm not going to jump towards "new friends" like everyone on FML seems to do. Instead I suggest talking to them about how you feel and hopefully they're loyal enough to never do it again.

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