By bear food / Wednesday 8 January 2014 04:37 / United States - Anaheim
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  soccerstar1996  |  18

I used to be a camper like you, then I got eaten by a bear

  Sports_guy3  |  28

Then how are you still here? I had the same experience, but I cut its head off from the inside. Not a pleasant experience.

By  ZY1431  |  24

you should of been like Fuck that where's the bear im gonna touch it lol just to see what happens.

  ZY1431  |  24

I would with a 10 ft long pole while having my running shoes on. :)

By  AverageJoey  |  18

Lighten up OP it was just a little joke, i'm sure they wouldn't have left you out there.

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