By DumbFace714 / Saturday 14 February 2015 01:43 / United States - Santa Ana
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By  GoGiants28  |  13

Throw her a bone

  BlondePsycho  |  43

I've heard this before. Especially if he has rare recessive traits those could be prized. Imagine that pick up line though?
"Wow, you have the bluest eyes. Are those contacts or can i have your baby?"


ya I agree 51. but it also matters on ops friends maturity level... like if they are at that age where having babies is almost genetically desired/craved. .and then her friends bf just so happened to have the good traits... either way though I'd feel uncomfortable. . that's a little extreme for a "friend" to be thinking about ops bf in that manner.. whether it was "oh he's attractive, I want his babies" or "i wanna fuck him, whats a good excuse.."

By  alanamarieg  |  18

You must be a lucky gal.

By  austincain117  |  16

First fifty shades of gray. Now, family love triangles what is the world coming to. (It's just a joke)

By  zachburdick99  |  12

Look on the bright side, you get a kid without all the responsibility of taking care of it

  zachburdick99  |  12


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