FML - The follow-up
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OP here. Just to clarify a little, I have traveled with her multiple times and she has only done this once before. That is why I didn't question anything. Anyway, we have since talked it through and have worked everything out. I am still going and sharing her room.
By star71075 - / Wednesday 29 June 2016 04:17 / United States - Olympia
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People are told that, but they're also told to give people the benefit of the doubt and give second chances. You're lucky if you've never miss-judged someone who's claimed to be your friend, and OP's friends are stupid for messing someone who trusted them around.


What the OP's friend did in this situation is shitty, but I don't think them sharing all of the same friends is a good idea. Lots of people have multiple friend circles that never really interact with each other, and that's not a bad thing. I've definitely hung out/been on trips with total strangers (with a mutual friend present) that were lots of fun.

Since she said you would share a suite and she's backing out, SHE can pay the cost for your room. And after the trip, I would cease contact with this woman. She's no friend.

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