By WildChildRocker - / Wednesday 28 December 2016 22:43 /
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  nix1993  |  37

Yeah of course it doesn't suck at all for OP to lose their friend because of a jealous, insecure, stage 4 clinger that probably wont last anyway. It's not always easy for friendships to recover from these kinds of things.

By  Catlover1130  |  14

Same thing happened to me with a friend of mine. He told me he had to stop talking to me because his girlfriend was threatened by me, even though I was happily with someone else and moving.

By  shewasashowgirl  |  6

TBH I think it makes sense. Sure, it might be all her... eg. You might be prettier than you think? Or your friend speaks of you highly enough to bother her? Or had a weird dream with you in it. Who knows? If you're really just friends, none of that matters - you won't lose him forever and she'll eventually come to see your friendship for what it is and no more than that. On the flipside... I've recently had a psycho ex of my bf try to get him to cheat on me - unsuccessfully. And the only way through something like that is mutual trust between the couple and complete honesty, including temporarily suspending possible issue areas until they're both comfortable. As a friend, recognising this and supporting his need for space to encourage his happiness would only cement your friendship. If it's genuine, of course! :) If not, I believe the villain thing to do is to chuckle and plot world domination while stroking a cat.


There's no excuse. There's no point being in a relationship if you're that insecure and untrusting. OP is supposed to be his friend. He shouldn't just abandon her because his crazy girlfriend is paranoid.

By  brenton490  |  19

It just comes with the game of being friends with some people in relationships. Doesn't even have to be opposite gender to have it affect friendships. Most you can do is just move on with your life. Happy future. :)

By  NeneJPhilly  |  8

Maybe I put too much importance on friendships but that sounds really messed up. But hopefully you have other friends that'll stick up for you. He'll see how important friendships are when she goes too far with her demands & he wants to break it off.

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