By Gabby - / Saturday 11 February 2012 19:10 / United States
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#54 you dont need to get all defensive its just that most kids at some point play Oregon trail. Oh and just because we know what Oregon trail is doesn't mean we dont have a life too. Most people were forced to play at school when we were learning about the westward expansion, or at least i was....

By  vikingsfan1228  |  0

my comment is total shit

By  MikeDa1Da  |  14

Rule 34.

By  JustDerpin  |  11

Booty situation.

By  keepingitnasty  |  15

That game was the shart!

By  Morgannnnuhhh  |  1

Hahaha, I bet your aunt had a heart attack.. My aunt freaks out on me if I accendently burp in front of her.

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