By lily - / Sunday 30 August 2009 20:17 / United States
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  zrjones  |  0

photos or this never really happened

By  The_Truth  |  0

Careful what you wish for.

  captivemj  |  4

karma is a totally misunderstood concept!!
it doesnt affect u in this life, it effects u in ur next life!!
its a hindu concept of how ones deed affects the person in their next life!! so if ur a bad person, u will suffer in ur next life, but if ur a good person, u will be rewarded in ur next life!
notice it says life!!
the hindu religion believes that we are born like 9 times!! and everytime we are born, we become a different animal!!
to become a man, in ur last life u should have done very good deeds.
so the punishment for bad deeds could be that u become another animal!!
its a complex concept
everyone here says "karma is a bitch" or similar dont have a clue as to wat the heck karma is!!

By  llamas_eat_kids  |  0

:( awwe thats so sad, ihope you choke and die .

  junaho  |  0

How the hell is that karma? Maybe for the dog, because he stole the cheddar. But why should the dog suffer just because she's randomly saying that she hopes it dies? That's not how karma works.

  Koalafrau_fml  |  0

I wish you to become a millionaire. ..
Did it work? No? I failed to make you richer by only wishing it...

So how can the OP have made a dog die by talking??? Does cheese give such a bad breath?

I think the dog died from choking on a cheese chunk it had stolen. Ill got, ill spent.
If speech were so powerful, many dog owners I pass by would have received their dogs' freshly pooped-on-the-pavement-and-not-picked-up shits in their faces.

By  screwtaylor  |  0

That's what the dog gets for being a greedy pig.

By  k1ng  |  0

animal killer!!!!!

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