By potatoebee / Tuesday 3 April 2012 18:19 / United States - Clover
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By  mjoyn98  |  1

You didn't notice him bend down and get near your butt?(:

  dav3800  |  7

Your child is an asshole.

  Cad6  |  24

Wow OP, that bites. Hopefully you weren't kicked out of the church, that would definitely suck ass. Butt, I would say that it's your fault for yelling out those cheeky obscenities.

  aaahhhfire21  |  0

Damn cad6 2 for 2 ur on a roll ur normally thumbed outta the posts by the time I read them

By  NiCeGuY115  |  14

Damn that sucks FYL indeed!

  aruam365  |  24

It could be the phrasing, if OP meant swearing instinctively because of pain that's totally understandable. If they instinctively swore at their 4 year old for being bad, then that's SO not okay.

By  enaja  |  0

I once took a sock to the mouth in church.

  mjoyn98  |  1

I'm pretty sure your comment originally said 'I once took an arrow to the knee in church' Since so many people thumbed it down you felt the need to change it so people would find it more humorous?
Didn't work.

  enaja  |  0

It was that damn auto correct

By  charlotte69er  |  7

You have indeed taught him well (;

  Roevera  |  14

I creeped your about me... dafaq is wrong with you? Your profile says you're only 15 and that you like to grind boys at school dances cause teachers are watching? That's not why most people go to school dances. Plus, you post your phone number online? I'd hope it's fake.

  SoSickWithIt  |  14

^ Da fuq? You're a hypocrite for telling that one bitch to mind her own business, when you're not even doing it yourself. People's lives are for show n tell on the Internet! Duh!

By  HonestTruth  |  5

You trained him semi-well. Make sure to tell him not to bite it though. ;)

By  megan_lovee  |  0

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  thats_my_job  |  11

I'm pretty sure she is in a change room judging by the heap of clothes on the floor and likely does not have any money for the dress or it would be a mirror shot from the comfort of her own bathroom.

  Epsilonyx  |  15

I'm pretty sure calling a 14 year old girl a slut is bullying, be it true or not. That logic only perpetuates harassment, and it doesn't help that suicide is rampant among teenagers.

  Epsilonyx  |  15

I'm almost positive emotion is intrinsically related to humanity, so people will react whether or not you want them to. If your solution is "stop being a pussy" instead of "don't bully", there's a serious problem.

  Furrywhiplash  |  14

I agree with 8. She could have just hit the kid instead. I figured that is what you were implying, since there are no other choices besides verbal and physical abuse.


209 - You don't know what the OP said. She swore AT her kid. I'm assuming she could have used just about any phrase from, "mother fucker!" to "you fucking son of a bitch don't bite my ass!" So, I agree with 178 that it is considered verbal abuse.

By  lolipop1234_fml  |  7

Awkward, let's just pray you weren't saying Jesus and god while swearing.

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