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At least they weren't where a white shirt? Finish you sentence. Maybe where a white shirt is? But that would be inconvenient for the white shirt wearer that you were near, as white shirts become see through when wet.


No. Ever since that guy snuck in an umbrella to the Superbowl and killed 49 people. Remember? T'was a bloodbath.


or ohio. if its 70 and sunny on monday, then chances are it'll be 30 and raining on tuesday. then on wednesday its nearing sub-zero temps and a few feet of snow. thursday its going to be a tornado. friday were lookin at a hail storm. saturday, itll top 90 and be sunny. sunday you can expect a little bit of snow.

FYL for having to sit in the rain. The only time I don't mind being in the rain is at a concert.

A lot of places don't allow umbrellas because it blocks other peoples views. You should have brought a rain coat instead.

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