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  MonstreBelle  |  28

15- It's about two brothers that hunt supernatural beings, like ghosts and demons, after their mom was killed by one

By  yenze  |  18

What a supernatural thing to do

By  Jpev  |  14

I would've done the same

  epost1  |  13

Not after season 4 it isnt

  superross97  |  8

Maybe his extremely religious grandma doesn't care if a show with heavy satanic ideas is good?

  daniel271  |  13

I don't think you know what good mean's.

  okaydisarray  |  17

30: you're kidding, right? Season 5 is one of the best. If you don't remember, I suggest you revisit. Seasons 7-9 were the iffy ones. If you haven't been watching though, I'd catch up as this season and the last have been good.

  okaydisarray  |  17

...or not. I'm sure she'd lose her crap once it's revealed that God abandoned the world. Then there's the fact that the boys befriend a couple of demons and angels are complete asshats...

  Queen_of_Night  |  20

Yeah... Angels and Demons really aren't too different in Supernatural, they're both kind of douches (except Cas)... No one knows where the fuck Chuck went. We kind of adore Lucifer. And everyone just ignores that Adam is still in the pit.

  nature_girl_08  |  10

#138 There's a theory that, since Jimmy went to Heaven when Cas was exploded by Lucifer, that when Cas hit Adam/Michael with that molotov, it sent Adam to Heaven. Plus they mention later that Lucifer and Michael only had Sam's soul to entertain them in the cage, perhaps another hint that Adam is in Heaven.

  ImmortalSyn  |  17

Then get even more upset over them befriending the king of hell, the Angels being assholes, or God abandoning the world. I like the show but that would just anger granny even more.

  koolkool994  |  28

No, it's not

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