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Would you enjoy being kept up until 4 in the morning by a loud beginner accordion player? it's one thing to play one well it's bad enough for most people, but to be bad at a bad instrument is not a double negative.


The fml is not so lame seeing as now he/she has to live with this annoying person playing an accordion all the time >.<


Oh wait I read it wrong. I thought it said some friend got an Acordian. But your roomate got an Acordian. So yeah FYL! I would A. Buy Earplugs B. Move out as fast as possible C. Take a bat and smash the Gould instrument to pieces.


now THIS is a true-to-its-name FML. the gift that keeps on giving! fyl, op. make him move out if he starts it.


Tie him down and time the tv to turn on when Family Matters is on? The screaming would be a little too loud for me personally.....

If he plays it at night, go in and slash the bit in the middle. He can't do that, so don't let him. Or, buy a tuba, and play it LOUDLY next to his bedroom during the day. Karma.

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